53 minutes* of standing

0 minutes
Board train at North Geelong to find people from Geelong station already standing.

No one from North Geelong finds a seat in this carriage.

Following the discovery that sitting on the ledge puts my back out, I stand in the doorway.

Two people on the floor and nine people standing, that I can see, in my carriage alone. Two sharing one luggage rack.

Quick count of next carriage has 10 standing and one on the floor.

4 minutes
Train jerks violently. Those standing lose their balance and grab at the rails.

10 minutes
As with most of the standers, I’m actually leaning but my legs feel weary already.

Disclosure: I’m wearing heels. Train overcrowding shouldn’t dictate my fashion choices.

I don’t sit on the floor for two reasons – the floor is dirty and I’m wearing a dress.

Those on the floor appear to be mostly people in tracksuits and jeans. The Suits don’t sit on the floor either.

14 minutes
A lady stumbles through the sitters and standers to get to the toilet. Only to find it out of order.

She stumbles back.

21 minutes
We pass Werribee Station.

Previously when I have had to stand, I’ve practised my ballet turn out. Not today. My legs are still recovering from Monday night’s class backed up with Tuesday’s work run.

25 minutes
I wonder what happened to the woman who gets on at my stop and then pulls the age card to get a seat.

She’s not standing anywhere near here so someone must have fallen for her tricks again.

She’s not elderly, she’s not frail.

30 minutes
Standers get restless and adjust their positions.

Change weight distribution, reach for a different rail, etc.

34 minutes
My legs are getting a bit sore so I stretch them out. My calves are carrying most of the delayed onset muscle soreness.

38 minutes
A man who had been sitting stands up and stretches a bit before staying standing.

41 minutes
Lower back getting tired. It hasn’t been fully happy of late with all the ledge sitting I’ve been doing.

I try to hold myself better but it’s hard to do with the sway of the train.

44 minutes
Three minutes late into Footscray.

Some standers seek out the seats of those who have alighted but with eight minutes to go (timetabled) is there much point?

Most don’t bother and keep standing.

48 minutes
People start standing for Southern Cross Station.

I hate these people. We are still yet to pass South Kensington, they have had a seat the entire way but choose to stand early.

I assume it’s to be closer to the door to alight faster but for someone who hasn’t had a seat the entire trip, it’s a bit insulting.

You clearly don’t value sitting enough.

I also feel it’s rude to alight before the standers. We stood the entire way, at least give us the dignity of the first exit from the train.

49 minutes
Delay announced.

“There’s a bit of congestion between here and Southern Cross,” we are told.

Sometimes I feel the delays here are punishment for the idiots who have stood early.

53 minutes
Our scheduled arrival time.

We’re only just passing North Melbourne.

57 minutes
We’re in. And I’m the first out the door.


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