Goodbye ABC, hello Townsville

It’s a year since I packed up my desk, handed in my security pass and had farewell drinks with my colleagues at the ABC.

At the time, people told me it was a great opportunity to moves towards that dream I had always wanted. The business I had always wanted to start but never had the time to work on.

It sounded like great advice.

But what was that dream I had always wanted?

I had no desire to open a trendy little café.

No interest in turning my (non-existent) craft skills into a Sunday market stall.


I do miss these guys.

Kill my three-hour round-trip to work, that’s what I wanted to do.

I wanted to stop wasting three hours of my day commuting from Geelong to Melbourne. Stop standing for an hour on an overcrowded V/Line train. Stop missing out on seeing my friends because I was always too tired.

Spending so much of your time commuting between two cities means you don’t live in either.

I couldn’t stay for after work drinks in Melbourne because it meant I’d miss the frequent, express trains of peak hour and end up on a slow, stopping-all-stations train – making me arrive home even later.


Goodbye Aunty cocktails.

And I couldn’t join friends for after work drinks in Geelong because by the time I got there it would no longer be after work drinks, it would be after dinner drinks. Which is a nice idea in theory, but not practical at the end of a long week of long commutes when you’ll be passing out at 9pm. 10pm if you have your party shoes on.

Spending 12 hours a day, five days a week away from home, I felt like I hardly saw my fiancé. We were getting married in a few months. That’s not the lifestyle we wanted together.

So I resolved that if good was to come from bad, I wouldn’t look for more work in Melbourne. I would seek work closer to home, and if there was no work closer to home then I’d move home to where the work was.

Although I didn’t know it yet, that’s how my adventures #exploringTownsville began.


A goodbye card in three languages.


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